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Silvan, Head Cheese Maker at Deppeler’s Cheese Factory, knows cheese. Being a “lifer” to the dairy industry, he understands the science and art of making cheese. Silvan began his cheesemaking career in Green County, Wisconsin in 1985 and has been going strong ever since. Crafting a full line of cheeses from the mild, delicate Brick Cheese to the bold flavors of Aged Swiss and Aged Cheddar, Silvan has a keen sense for creating cheeses that will enliven your senses. Using recipes passed down from cheesemaker to cheesemaker, he knows the secrets and passes the delicious final product on to you.

Silvan earned his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Wisconsin in Agricultural Business Management in 1976. Learning the art and science of cheesemaking from world renowned cheesemakers in Green County, Silvan had an early advantage in crafting award-winning cheeses.

Hefti Creek Specialties was established in 1997 and Silvan has been shipping mail order cheese around the United States ever since. In 2011, was established.