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Hefti Creek Specialties, LLC

Rambling farmhouses, sprawling red barns, cows lazily grazing in lush green pastures; and nestled in the heart of it all, cheese factories producing some of the world’s most awarded and unique cheeses.

Tucked away in Green County, Wisconsin, we are lucky enough to boast not one, not two, but 13 different cheese factories producing wide varieties, and volume, to ship to destinations far and wide. Demand is high for our cheeses made with precision, heart and old-world style.

Hefti Creek Specialties is proud to boast our very own Head Cheese Maker. Silvan began his cheese-making career over a quarter century ago at Deppeler Cheese Factory, and, like our own aged cheeses, has only improved with time. Consistently winning awards at every level (including the WCMA World Cheese Contest for Deppeler’s very own Swiss and Baby Swiss) we believe our products are the best you will find anywhere. And we have the awards to back it up!

Just a Sunday afternoon’s drive down the winding, hilly countryside lies the only cheese factory in the United States producing Limburger Cheese, Chalet Cheese Co-op. Earthy, aromatic, and assertive, Limburger is affectionately known as the “stinky” cheese. If you have been looking for a new taste treat or have long enjoyed Limburger, look no further for your shipping needs. Hefti Creek Specialties ships both Limburger Cheese and Limburger Spread.

So, smile – and say CHEESE! You have found your partner in bringing you a hand-picked collection of cheeses we think are simply exquisite.

Hefti Creek Specialties, LLC
Monticello, Wisconsin
(608) 237-1992